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Allen Procter, Designer
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Allen Procter
"I designed these plates to make my job easier. I know they'll make yours easier too."

"I am very pleased with the product thus far; it has cut down our cleanup times and allows less debris to remain on the lawns themselves. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the commercial lawn care business!"

Jarrod L. Murdock
J&M Landscaping
Austin, TX

Procter's Quick MP™ Mulch Plate Comes in Three Models

Procter's Quick MP™ comes in a three mulch plate models to fit a variety of commercial-grade Ferris®, Snapper®, and Simplicity® walkbehind and ZTR lawn mowers. The Quick MP™ mulch plate features include tough 7-gauge steel construction--powder-coated to resist rust--and a patented easy-on, easy-off mulch plate design that will save turf management and lawn mowing companies time and money.

Procter's Quick MP(tm) Model P-45

P-45 mulch plate fits Ferris®, Simplicity®, & Snapper® 44" to 52" decks
Mulch Plate Model P-45
Procter's Quick MP(tm) Model P-22.5

P-22.5 mulch plate fits Ferris®, Simplicity®, & Snapper® 61" decks AND Ferris® & Snapper® 72" decks
Mulch Plate Model P-22.5
Procter's Quick MP(tm) Model P-FL

P-FL mulch plate fits Ferris®, Simplicity®, & Snapper® 36" decks AND Older Ferris® & Snapper® 48" decks
Mulch Plate Model P-FL
Don't see your lawn mower listed above? Contact us with your lawn mower make and model and we'll let you know if Procter's Quick MP™ will fit.

Stop wasting time blowing, raking, or bagging and dumping--use Procter's Quick MP™ mulch plate attachment for Ferris®, Snapper Pro®, and Simplicity® walkbehinds and ZTR lawn mowers.

Take AUTHORITY over your lawn and order Procter's Quick MP™ mulch plate today!
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