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Allen Procter, Designer
of Procter's Quick MP™

Allen Procter
"I designed these plates to make my job easier. I know they'll make yours easier too."

"I am very pleased with the product thus far; it has cut down our cleanup times and allows less debris to remain on the lawns themselves. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the commercial lawn care business!"

Jarrod L. Murdock
J&M Landscaping
Austin, TX

Installation of Procter's Quick MP™

NOTICE! Always make sure mower blades are off and not moving before installing the mounting bracket or attempting to attach or remove the mulch plate!

Attaching and Removing Procter's Quick MP™

Procter's Quick MP Easy Installation

Installing the Patented Procter's Quick MP™ Mounting Bracket

Installing the mounting bracket is a quick and easy one-time process. Turn your mower blades off and wait for them to stop moving. Then, simply lift the grass chute and attach the bracket as shown in instructions, using the two enclosed bolts and matching washers. That's it! Just hang and secure Procter's Quick MP™ on the bracket and you're ready to mow. And have no worries, most metal bagging systems will also fit on the patented Quick MP™ mounting bracket.
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